Launching Fall 2023

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Become a leader in developing intelligent systems

From transportation to healthcare, intelligent and autonomous systems are finding increased use across many industries. Duke’s Systems Engineering for Autonomy Master of Engineering will prepare you to be a leader in designing and building the intelligent and autonomous systems that our world relies on.

Duke Systems Engineering for Autonomy Master of Engineering

Earn Your Master's at Duke

  • Build strong systems engineering skills
  • Gain hands-on experience designing & building autonomous systems
  • Complete in 16 months

Degree Details

Is Duke Systems Engineering Right for You?

Consider applying if you are an:

Engineering or computer science graduate of any institution

  • Who wants to lead the design and development of intelligent and autonomous systems

Ambitious working professional

  • Looking to complement your technical skills with a strong foundation in systems engineering

Undergraduate at Duke

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16 months

full-time study on Duke's campus

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7 technical courses

full-time study on Duke’s campus

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2 business courses

develop leadership and management skills

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1 capstone project

provides real-world experience and builds your portfolio